6 inch Solvent hood


Wet chemical processes
Solvent cleans are used to remove unwanted photo resist. This bench is used in a series flow in which the dirty chemical is used first to take off the majority of the resist and then followed by a final clean in the clean tank to leave the wafers as clean as possible.

DIW rinse is used to clean all the chemical off the wafers before drying.

Wet Solvent chemical etching is available with the following chemicals:     

  1. Tank 1 – Dirty Solvent strip chemical that can be heated.
  2. Tank 2 – Clean Solvent strip chemical that can be heated.
  3. DIW Rinse tank.
  4. Spin Rinse Dryer to be used for drying wafers.

Equipment and hoods    

  1. One solvent hood.
  2. One Spin Rinse Dryer.
  3. Other chemistries can be used. Please check with FEDC staff.
  • solvent cleaning
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