Canon MPA-600 FA


This tool is a one-to-one projection aligner for 6" wafers.  A high intensity Mercury lamp is used to expose the 6" wafer, loaded onto a metal chuck, through a 7" mask plate and a series of mirrors.The wafer scans horizontally through an arc of light at a specified scan speed to expose the light-sensitive positive photoresist that was coated onto the wafer.

The wafers are loaded one by one onto the chuck by a pre-aligner and a load arm, then manually aligned to the mask using alignment aids designed on the mask.  Auto alignment or semi-auto align is also possible using a He-Ne gas laser which reads the peaks and valleys on the mask and wafer.

A mask set made of quartz glass with the desired pattern must be designed and ordered in order to use this tool, or use a pre-existing mask set.  


            Wafer size:  5 or 6 inches

            Mask size:  6 or 7 inches square

Projection System:  Projection mirror, Magnification 1X, Wavelength used Exposure UV; 365 nm (i-line), 405 nm (h-line), and 436 nm (g-line)

            Illuminator:  2kW super high pressure mercury lamp, Ushio USH-2002

            Resolution:  2.5 um over entire 6 inch surface

            Depth of Focus:  more than +/- 6 um at linewidth 1.5 um

            Alignment accuracy:  3 sigma, < or = 0.6 um

            Pre-alignment accuracy:  Within 100 um

Distance between the objective lenses:  30-109.6 mm travel right and left simultaneously from the center.

  • Photolithography
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