CEE Model 300 Spin Coater


The CEE Model 300 Spin Coater utilizes spin coating to deposit a uniform film across a wafer. A small amount (5-10 mL, depending on sample size) of solution is poured onto a substrate while the substrate is on the spin coater chuck. The spin coater rotates rapidly, up to 5000 rpm, to distribute the solution uniformly across the sample via centrifugal force. The act of rapidly spinning the substrate also partially dries the solution. Further solvent removal is usually accomplished via a hot plate bake or an oven bake, both of which are available nearby. The hot plate is in the same hood as the coater.

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Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Spin Coating $52/hr $68/hr You may have to provide your own material. Make sure the material is approved for Room 1514 prior to use.
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