Despatch Oven


This high temperature cure oven is used to cure Polyimide or ILD films on substrates. It uses a nitrogen (N2) purge to create an inert atmosphere during the cure. It has a class 100 HEPA filter installed to keep particulates low.      


Chamber size:             25.5” W x 26” D x 37” H

Capacity:                     14 cubic feet

Max Load Capacity:    400 lbs

Volts:                           208

Amps:                          50.5

Phase:                         3

Hertz:                          50/60

Heater:                        16 KW

Max Temp:                  350 C

Temp Uniformity        +/- 3.5 C

Model No.                   LCD2-14NV-3

For a typical recipe, specify the time needed to ramp up to temperature and how much inert gas needs to be induced to ensure a stable atmosphere and temperature in the oven, the soak time, the length of time for the cure and the length of time for the cure.

  • Photolithography
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