The KDF-744 is a large area, four-target, batch-sputtering system, designed for processing high-density interconnect, 6-inch wafers and Gen-II size (370 mm x 470 mm) flat panel displays. The KDF-744 is equipped with a high-vacuum load lock what enables the tool’s high throughput. The KDF-744 can hold nine 6-inch wafers on a pallet area of 19 x 19 inches or one Gen-II size of 370 x 470 millimeters and features two processing pallets, allowing an instantaneous change of wafer sizes and the ability to process both the front and backsides of wafers. The tool can be used to deposit aluminum (Al), tantalum (Ta), molybdenum (Mo), and indium-tin-oxide (ITO) for single or multi-stack films like an Al/Ta/Al.

  • Batch-sputtering
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