The MRC 603 sputter system is a vacuum system relying on plasma generated from argon and oxygen ions to release atoms from a metal or ceramic target such as indium tin oxide. These atoms are then deposited onto the surface of the solar cell, facing the target. Indium tin oxide is the most common material that is sputtered onto the solar cell, as it is a transparent conductor. The MRC can be easily customized to accommodate various solar cell substrate sizes and shapes, making it a versatile tool for researchers.


The MRC-603B is a sputter system for 6-inch wafer designed to deposit thin film metals by DC source. The MRC-603B can hold four 6-inch wafers on a pallet for the process. The tool can be used to deposit aluminum (Al), titanium (Ti), and indium-tin-oxide (ITO) for single or multi-stack films like an Al/Ti.

  • Thin film metal deposition
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