Tegal 901e


The Tegal 901 is an inline RIE/plasma production etcher for six inch wafers. It is single wafer, cassette to cassette driven with easy to use menu control and a 13.56 MHz RF Generator. The input gases are controlled by MFC, with up to 4 MFC’s in the system. This tool implements multi-step etch recipes using multiple process gases. This model has been optimized for specific etches of specific films. Gases available in this configuration are: N2, O2, SF6, CHF3, CF4.

The Tegal 901e plasma etcher is used by the semiconductor industry for integrated circuit fabrication. The Tegal 901e plasma etcher is used in one part of the sequence of manufacturing steps that transfer a pattern formed from a layer of photosensitive material, the photoresist, to a layer that makes up a permanent part of the finished device. It is an industry standard in single-wafer dry etch of silicon nitride, polysilicon, amorphous silicon and silicon oxide.

Wafers in the Tegal 901e plasma etch semiconductor equipment are transported to a Reaction Chamber utilizing a non-friction spatula wafer transport mechanism. A gas mixture is introduced into the Reaction Chamber, and the gas mixture becomes reactive by the application of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation. The reactive mixture, or plasma, etches away material that is not covered by the masking photoresist. The etch process is terminated at an appropriate time, the wafer is unloaded from the Reaction Chamber, and a new wafer is introduced. The cycle repeats.

  • plasma etching
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