Woollam Ellipsometer M2000


The Woollam M-2000 spectroscopic ellipsometer is the perfect tool for optically characterizing thin films. The M-2000 is combines rotator and compensator ellipsometry with CCD detection to collect spectra from 255 nm to 1700 nm. most commonly used to measure thin film thickness and optical constants. The AEP Core ellipsometer is fully automatic allowing the automatic collection of spectra at multiple angles and multiple locations throughout the samples without additional user intervention. WVase software installed on the control computer enables the modeling of optical constants (n and k) and the film thickness. In addition to optical constants, there are additional material properties that can be extracted from the model such as carrier concentration and surface roughness.

The M-2000 can handle samples as small as 3 mm squares up to Gen-II display glass substrates (370 mm X 470 mm).

Additional licenses of WVase and CompleteEase are available separate from the ellipsometer control computer to enable analysis of spectra outside of the cleanroom. Please inquire via a service request if you would like access to this opportunity. Please be aware that CompleteEase models need to be converted to WVase to be utilized in the automatic measurement routine for the ellipsometer.


The Woollam M2000 Ellipsometer is a powerful tool used for measuring the thickness and optical constants of thin films. It works by analyzing the changes in the polarization state of light reflected off the surface of the film and its substrate. The complex modeling used to extract data includes thickness and the index of refraction and extinction coefficient data vs. wavelength. With a thickness range of approximately 2 nm to 2 µm, the ellipsometer is ideal for most solar cell films. Precise thickness control is critical for optimal solar cell performance, making the Woollam M2000 Ellipsometer an essential instrument for any solar research lab.

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Woollam Ellipsometer M2000