The constant advance of high-throughput biotechnologies, such as NextGen Sequencing, has fostered a new generation of biomedical research that aims to uncover the inner workings of the cell on a genome-wide scale. This revolution is transforming research across ASU. To strengthen this work and to create new research opportunities that are more competitive in the post-genomic era, Knowledge Enterprise and The Biodesign Institute established the Bioinformatics Facility in 2015. The Bioinformatics Facility includes three major components: routine data-analysis services, research-oriented collaborations and targeted training. The facility coordinates operations with other ASU Core Research Facilities on campus to improve user experience and productivity.

The lab provides effective and efficient bioinformatics solutions to the research community. Centralized high-end computation facilities and experienced bioinformaticians are accessible to investigators who are challenged by the large volume and increased complexity of omics data. Via close collaboration with our scientists from multidisciplinary backgrounds, biologists will be able to harness the power of their data and become more competitive in their research fields.

We also believe in empowering biologists to perform their own analysis. Workshops focusing on various aspects of bioinformatics and biostatistics are taught on a regular basis and adapted to students, postdocs and faculty with diverse scientific backgrounds.

We can be reached at asubioinformatics@asu.edu.