Proposal and publication

Acknowledgment Guidelines

Core Facilities: If research submitted for publication makes use of a facility or service, we ask that you recognize the facility in the ‘Acknowledgements’ section of the manuscript.

Core Equipment: In some cases, equipment acquired by a grant must be listed in the ‘Materials and Methods’ section including the specific instrument grant award number. 

Core Personnel: If an individual has provided support through advanced training, sample preparation or guidance in data acquisition or analysis, please recognize this individual in the acknowledgement section of the manuscript, as well as the core.  If an individual is asked to make a significant intellectual contribution to research submitted for publication, please discuss co-authorship with that individual when engaging them in the research project.

Sample Text For Acknowledging the Biodesign Institute core facilities

The authors acknowledge resources and support from the Biodesign Institute core facilities at Arizona State University.

Sample Text for Acknowledging Core Personnel

We would like to acknowledge [person’s name] from the Biodesign Institute core facilities at Arizona State University for [describe assistance/contributions].