Keithley 4200 Semiconductor Characterization System


The Keithley 4200-SCS (Semiconductor Characterization System) is an integrated system for I-V characterization of semiconductor devices and materials. As configured, the instrument has two standard SMUs (with resolution to 1pA) and two pre-amplified SMUs (with resolution to 100fA). When used in conjunction with the Ground Unit (GRNU) this provides a capability to perform up to a five-terminal device measurement. The 4200-SCS is the ideal instrument for performing transistor characterization and parameter measurements. It is also useful for diode characterization. Advanced users can exploit the configuration flexibility extreme sensitivity of the instrument for other purposes such as stress testing and quasi-static C-V measurement.

The 4200-SCS offers truly outstanding sensitivity and performance with a convenient user interface. However, users are strongly cautioned that successful low-current measurements ( e.g., below 1pA) require proper fixturing and proficiency in shielding and guarding techniques. Because of this, users are encouraged to invest the time in studying the equipment operation manual and to carefully consider their sample configuration and experimental conditions.  Failure to make this commitment will result in compromised equipment performance and non-optimal results. An important consideration in all test configurations is the tradeoff between test sensitivity and test time. Extremely low current testing is limited by the laws of physics (shot noise) and precision is achieved through long test (integration) times.

The inputs to the instrument are provided via low noise triaxial cables. In order to take full advantage of the performance capabilities, the test fixturing should be configured to preserve the guarded connections as close as possible to the Device Under Test (DUT).

The MTW engineers can provide suggestions and assistance with device-under-test DUT fixturing and programming through the GUI. Users who wish to avail themselves of the instrument’s capabilities without thorough knowledge of its operation should anticipate the need to purchase assistance.

This instrument is an excellent choice for users who require the utmost in sensitivity within the available range of operation.

  • Benchtop measurement of voltage, current
  • Voltage to 200v
  • Current to 100mA
  • Graphical User Interface Setup and Operation
  • GPIB-based automated data acquisition - advanced programming skills required
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Keithley 4200 Semiconductor Characterization System