Thinky ARE-310 Centrifugal Mixer


The Thinky ARE-310 Centrifugal Mixer is a planetary centrifugal mixer developed to simultaneously mix and defoam various kinds of materials (e.g. liquids and powder, etc.). The container loaded with materials rotates while revolving at a certain radius around an axis. This creates a large centrifugal force continuously, which compresses existing air bubbles out of the materials and mixes them at the same time. The mixer is non-contact (without mixing blade) which helps prevents material deterioration.

            Max mass/volume:  310g/250mL
            Max rotation:  800 rpm
            Max revolution: 2200 rpm, min increment of 10 rpm
            Time settings: Max duration 30 minutes, min increment 1 second
            Available containers (HDPE): 300 mL, 150 mL, 125 mL, 58 mL, and 24 mL

  • Centrifugal mixing
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Thinky ARE-310 Centrifugal Mixer