CHA TCO Evaporator SR-10


The CHA TCO Evaporator SR-10 is a bell jar-style evaporator for oxides and nitrides including, but not limited to, anti-reflective coatings and conductive oxides. The system is configured with both a resistive source and an e-beam source. Evaporation using the resistive source is confined to a single boat or box. The four pocket e-beam source, of 25cc per pocket, is configured for single or multilayer processing. The system is equipped with automatic deposition rate and thickness control. It has a custom configuration to flow controlled amounts of reactive gas at a fixed pressure during deposition. The system is also configured with an RGA, allowing in-situ gas monitoring and analysis. Custom bi-directional dome rotation to improve uniformity and step coverage. Substrate heaters installed for film density and structure improvement. Dome is capable of 2”-6” substrate processing can be accommodated. In addition, parts, pieces and other substrate sizes may be attached to custom fixturing. Gold (Au) and copper (Cu) usage is NOT permitted in the CHA TCO evaporator.

If your devices require Au or Cu deposition, please consider using the neighboring CHA metal evaporator found at the following hyperlink:

  • Evaporation deposition
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