Micro Manipulator 4060


The Micromanipulator Model 4060 probe station is a general purpose 6” (150mm) manual analytical probe station. The 4060 is designed for use in everyday failure analysis, device characterization and reliability testing applications. The system at MTW is configured in a light tight enclosure (LTE) on a vibration isolation table, using manual mechanical probe manipulators (models 450, 550, and 2450). The probe holders are equipped with triaxial connections to facilitate low current measurements.

Users of this equipment typically need to perform a limited number of electrical test measurements on research-type devices, often lacking in well-defined contacts or test points. Using a microscope, test probes are manipulated into contact with the device under test (DUT), followed by one or more electrical tests. For light-sensitive devices, the entire probe station can be encased in darkness by closing the enclosure cover.

Each device to be tested is individually brought into contact mechanically with the test probes, followed by electrical measurement. The number of connections depends upon the available number of probe manipulators and space on the platen to accommodate them. The MTW system has five probe manipulators.

The type(s) of electrical test performed depend upon the instrument(s) attached to the probe station; one of the most common uses is to attach a semiconductor parameter analyzer (SPA) to the probe station to perform transistor characterization or diode test.

Probe stations of this type are well-suited to characterizing small, irregular samples typical of materials/device research activities. This probe station can also accept full-size 150mm wafers.

Because the probe needles are fragile and easily damaged, users should anticipate the need to purchase spares.

  • Manual analytical probing
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