Keyence VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler


The Keyence VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler is an optical profiler capable of measuring samples ranging from nanometers to micrometers to millimeters.  This is enabled by the world’s first optical profiler that can capitalize on using three separate scanning methods in one device: laser confocal, focus variation, and white light interferometry.  The system has the ability to measure over a 50 mm area with nanometer resolution that is not dependent on material or shape.

The 3D Surface Profiler is installed in a Class 100 cleanroom.  Equipment is not hooked up to the ASU network, please bring a USB drive to save your data.

  • High Resolution Optical Microscopy
  • Surface Profiling
  • Non-Contact 3D Quantification
  • 3D Surface Measurement
  • Surface roughness measurements
  • Film Thickness Measurements
ASU Unit
Knowledge Enterprise
Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Equipment Use $33/hr $43/hr